Interview – Sophie Kinsella: “My life does spill into the books and the books spill into my life.”

The brilliant Sophie Kinsella joins me at lit.Love in Munich for a chat about books and travel. Sophie talks about her time in Vienna, how she gets her inspiration for characters and if she would ever go back to one of her stand-alones. I hope you enjoy this chat as much as I did.

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Travel plans for 2018

Last year I had only one trip planned. Granted, it was a six week trip around Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore. This year it will be mostly city trips no longer than a week. I am still very happy with what I have planned. Continue reading “Travel plans for 2018”

My Top 5 places in Malaysia

When I travelled through Malaysia, I visited many places. Some I liked, some I didn’t and some I loved. And with this post, I want to highlight those places I loved. I will link to each of the posts I wrote about those places and in this Top 5, I will tell you why I loved this place so much. That might be one moment or a special feeling that I associate with said place. So without further ado, here are my Top 5 places in Malaysia. Continue reading “My Top 5 places in Malaysia”


At the end of my big summer trip and after nearly six weeks in Malaysia and Brunei, I came back to Singapore, where I had also started my trip. Although, I was there for one night at the start and did not see anything other than my hostel and the airport. Continue reading “Singapore”