My Top 5 places in Malaysia

When I travelled through Malaysia, I visited many places. Some I liked, some I didn’t and some I loved. And with this post, I want to highlight those places I loved. I will link to each of the posts I wrote about those places and in this Top 5, I will tell you why I loved this place so much. That might be one moment or a special feeling that I associate with said place. So without further ado, here are my Top 5 places in Malaysia. Continue reading “My Top 5 places in Malaysia”

Heaven on earth also known as Penang

After Langkawi, I took the ferry to Penang. Penang is both a Malaysian state and an island. I only visited the island and I can tell you, you should really go and visit Penang. It is so beautiful there. And there is so much to do. Continue reading “Heaven on earth also known as Penang”