Cameron Highlands: tea lover’s and hiker’s paradise

After my wonderful time in Ipoh, I went to the Cameron Highlands. This area is known for its tea plantation as well as strawberries and other produce. It is also a beloved hiking spot. Continue reading “Cameron Highlands: tea lover’s and hiker’s paradise”

Kuala Kangsar: the royal capital of Sultans

Kuala Kangsar is known as the royal capital of Sultans and has been that for 200 years. For me the vistit there, it was only for a couple of hours, had been quite disappointing.  Continue reading “Kuala Kangsar: the royal capital of Sultans”

Cool Ipoh

If you are ever in Malaysia, don’t leave without visiting Ipoh. Ipoh is Malaysia’s third-largest city and Perak’s state capital. And Ipoh is a really cool city. The city is diveded into old town and new town. The old town is quite small, but really charming and, as I said before, really cool. Continue reading “Cool Ipoh”

Heaven on earth also known as Penang

After Langkawi, I took the ferry to Penang. Penang is both a Malaysian state and an island. I only visited the island and I can tell you, you should really go and visit Penang. It is so beautiful there. And there is so much to do. Continue reading “Heaven on earth also known as Penang”