About Eyes of Owls

Why “Eyes of Owls”?

I decided to call the site Eyes of Owls because I love owls. And they have the cutest eyes. Part of my love for owls stems from Harry Potter. I mean, who didn’t want to have their own owl after reading it? Another part comes from my love for Greek Mythology. Owls are goddess Athena’s pets. Athena, of course, is the goddess of wisdom and many other attributes. Since my name, Sophie, comes from the Greek word for wisdom, it all fits perfectly together.

This blog is supposed to be about my love for books, travel and everything in between. English will be the main language for the blog but from time to time there might be some German post to read. As an Austrian some topics are just easier to write about in my mother tongue than in English but I will keep it to a minimum.

I hope you all will enjoy the blog!


This is a private blog talking about all things books and travelling.
Owned by Sophie Marak
Resident in Graz, Austria

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