About Eyes of Owls

Hi, there.

My name is Sophie, I am 24 years old and study Journalism and PR in my hometown Graz in Austria. This blog is supposed to be about my love for books and travel, as well as discovering my home country Austria.

Why Eyes of Owls?

I decided to call the site Eyes of Owls because I love owls. And they have the cutest eyes. Part of my love for owls stems from Harry Potter. I mean, who didn’t want to have their own owl after reading it? Another part comes from my love for Greek Mythology. Owls are goddess Athena’s pets. Athena, of course, is the goddess of wisdom and many other attributes. Since my name, Sophie, comes from the Greek word for wisdom, it all fits perfectly together.

I hope you all will enjoy the blog!


This is a private blog talking about all things books and travelling. All pictures are taken by myself unless otherwise specified.
Owned by Sophie Marak
Resident in Graz, Austria

2 thoughts on “About Eyes of Owls”

  1. Curious to know about your surname Marak. It is a common surname among Garo people living in State of Meghalaya, Assam in India and beyond India in Bangladesh.

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    1. it comes from the Slovenian surname Mrak. After my family came to Austria at the end of the 19th century they added the a to make sure everyone could pronounce the name. 🙂 Interesting that it is a common surname in India and Bangladesh. Never knew that. 🙂


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