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Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn | Review

Ah, Gone Girl. The thriller everyone was talking about in 2014, when the film was released. Recently I recommended Gone Girl to someone and suddenly I had an urge to read it again. I wasn’t sure how Gone Girl would work knowing the twist already and I was surprised that I actually liked it better than the first time around.

Before you read any further I should warn you that I will be talking about the twist, so if you haven’t read Gone Girl yet, be warned: Spoilers ahead! 

The premise of the book seems simple enough. Amy Elliot Dunne goes missing on her fifth wedding anniversary. The police suspects her husband Nick relatively early on as all the evidence points to him. All of that alone would make the book pretty boring and it is everything but boring. The story is told from both Nick and Amy’s perspective and split into three parts.

One of the unique things in Gone Girl is that Gillian Flynn made both main characters, Nick and Amy, pretty unlikable. Although I have to admit, and I am not sure what that says about myself, that I really like Amy. Even tough she is supposed to be unlikable. When the book starts you get to meet Amy through Nick’s eyes and diary entries she wrote. Of course, we find out later that Amy made those diary entries up to frame Nick for her murder. I honestly really love that Amy is such a psychopath. (Again, what does that say about me?) Otherwise the book would have been very boring. That way, you never really know what will happen.

Even without Amy framing him, Nick acts very suspicious. Some of it stems from the fact that he always wants to be seen as a good guy, the other part of his suspicious behaviour comes from his affair with a student of his, he teaches at a local college. Amy knows her husband too well and incorporated his moves into her plan. Another big factor in her plan is the annual treasure hunt she plans for their wedding anniversary. All the clues direct Nick to places he took his affair to and also places where the police finds evidence against him.

It is only when Nick finds out about the framing and hires a lawyer that he starts to play Amy too. He pretends to be remorseful of his past misdeeds and tries to lure her back. I have already spoiled the major twist, so I won’t spoil the complete ending. Just know that I actually find the ending pretty fitting. It makes sense for the characters.

What did you think about the twist and the ending? And what did you think of the movie? Personally, I loved Rosamund Pike as Amy and thought that the film was pretty good as well. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. I would love to hear from you.

Title: Gone Girl/Gone Girl – Das perfekte Opfer
Author: Gillian Flynn
Publisher: Phoenix Fiction/S. Fischer Verlag
Publishing Date: 25-09-2014/24.07.2014


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