The Goddess Inheritance by Aimée Carter (Goddess Test Series #3) | Review

The epic conclusion to an epic series. I will discuss the entire plot in this review, so be warned: Spoilers ahead!

At the end of Goddess Interrupted, Kate wanted to embark on a journey to find the titan Rhea with Ava. They didn’t get very far until Calliope captured Kate, though. Turns out Ava betrayed Kate. What Ava didn’t know, though, Kate was pregnant. After realising it – she couldn’t sense it in the underworld -, she tried to stop Kate from leaving Eden Manor. Unfortunately, it didn’t work.

Nine months have passed since that moment. The prologue shows that, while Ava is working for Calliope, who has Ava’s husband and Calliope’s son Nicholas captured, she is also reporting to Walter and clearly spying for him. What I certainly didn’t expect was that Walter knew about Kate being captured and pregnant. After all, Ava gave the counsel and more importantly Henry “updates” on their mission to find Rhea. It is the way Walter just doesn’t care about Kate that really annoys me. I never really liked Walter, but this is a new low for him in my eyes. Especially after you find out that he is Kate’s father. But more on that later.

The day Kate gives birth to her son Milo, is also the day Henry finds about about her captivity. After an argument with Walter about it, which Kate sees in one of her visions, he comes to rescue Kate. Before that, to safe Milo from Calliope and to finally be able to hold him, Kate makes a deal with Cronus. She becomes his queen, when he safes her son from Calliope.

When Henry finally arrives, he and Kate get injured by a weapon Nicholas made for Calliope. A weapon that can kill gods. With his last powers, Henry can get Kate and himself to saftey at Olypmus. They have to leave Milo behind though. Kate isn’t badley injured and Theo and Diana are able to take care of her. Henry, however, falls into a coma.

All of this happens in the first couple of chapters which promises an exciting final act of the Goddess Test Series. And there is lots of excitement in The Goddess Inheritance. Not just excitement though, for me this was probably the most emotional book within the series. Henry’s coma, Kate finding out that Walter is her father and confronting him about it, Kate’s distrust of her mother, after finding out she would  have abandoned her had she not passed the tests and most of all, Ava’s death.

I cried so much reading this book. Actually, the first time I read The Goddess Inheritance was on a beach in Taiwan and people actually stopped to ask if I was okay. Which I was not. Ava’s death hit me as hard as Sirius Black, Dumbledore or Dobby’s death hit me. And that says a lot. I’m talking bawling my eyes out crying.

Some of my favourite moments had to be Diana dropping Kate off at Persephone’s cottage before the final battle. Persephone and Kate’s reaction were just too good. Especially the babysitting comment from Persephone. Then there was Phillip saving Kate and James from drowning. Phillip never got much time within the series, that moment just showed that he would have been a fun character to have around more often. I loved Kate’s attitude in this book. While she had her moments of self doubt and wanting to give up, the way she stood her ground before Dylan and Walter was amazing.

I also loved the talk Walter and Kate had after the final battle was over. Walter finally admitting all his mistakes, including abandoning Kate was great. Kate knew she would forgive him one day and that fits  Kate’s personality as well. Another thing I loved was Kate and Henry flirting and just being totally in love after he is healed by Rhea. After all they have been through in the first two books of the trilogy, it is really nice seeing them happy – or as happy as you can be when a murderous goddess has kidnapped your baby and a mercilessly titan wants to rip your world apart.

Speaking of Calliope, she really lost her mind. Torturing her own son, wanting to kill a baby, using Ava to finally get Henry to herself – which turns out was all a ruse by Henry in the end. Anyways, she really lost it. After killing Ava, who heroically sacrificed herself for Kate, I couldn’t fault Kate for killing her. She absolutley deserved it. It was only whem Calliope was killed, that Rhea, who at first refused Kate’s plea for help, ended the battle and helped Henry to imprison Cronus in Tartarus once more.

Cronus was a weird character. His motivation behind his fascination with Kate and then his need for revange, after she lied to him, were always clear, yet I will always find his character just plain weird.

Interestingly enough, James wasn’t as annoying as usual. Actually, I finally started to like him. Only in The Goddess Inheritance. Every time I go back to the other books and he is as annoying as ever. I especially loved his line about Kate needing to get over her “martyr complex”.

One thing that confused me, was that Dylan, who wanted nothing to do with the fight against Cronus in Goddess Interrupted, despite being Ares, the god of war, was a huge part of the counsel’s efforts against Cronus. What changed his mind? Nicholas capture? Ava’s involvement as a spy? It is never explained and it really bugs me.

Other that that, I enjoyed every second of reading The Goddess Inheritance. What do you think? Did you like the ending of the Goddess Test Series? Let me know in the comments.

Title: The Goddess Inheritance/Der Preis der Ewigkeit
Author: Aimée Carter
Publisher: Harlequin Teen/HarperCollins
Publishing Date: 26-02-2013/15.12.2015


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