Goddess Interrupted by Aimée Carter (Goddess Test Series #2) | Review

In Goddess Interrupted, Kate comes back to Henry after spending the first six months of her new immortal life in Greece with James. Unfortunately, she does not get the welcome she hoped and even her coronation as Queen of the Underworld is interrupted – hence the title.

Calliope has been forced to spent time with each of the girls she killed trying to get Henry for herself. Kate’s ruling includes Calliope getting the forgiveness of all those girls. However, she doesn’t even get to the first one. While spending time with Ingrid, the first girl she killed, she finds Cronus, the king of the titans and creator of the original six members of the counsel (Walter, Phillip, Henry, Calliope, Diana and Sofia). After the six were able to defeat him and the other titans he was banished to the Tartarus and subdued by the goddess Nyx. As it turned out, Calliope had used one of her powers to stop Nyx from doing her job and that is why Cronus was able to wake up.

This all happens shortly before Kate returns to the underworld. Her start into her rule as Queen of the Underworld and Henry’s wife wouldn’t have been easy anyway. Henry is still hung up on his first wife and Kate’s sister Persephone and quite jealous of what might have happened between Kate and James during the summer. Kate on the other hand is immensely frustrated with Henry because he does not show his affection for her and her jealousy of Persephone. The war with Calliope and Cronus added to that obviously doesn’t help.

It also doesn’t help that after the original six (minus Calliope) have been captured by Calliope and Persephone is the only one left who knows where they can find them. So Kate, James and Ava go to find her and she agrees to help them. This, of course, is not without its drama as Kate feels inferior to Persephone in every way. I really have to say, I never thought I would like Persephone this much. This is partly because the book is from Kate’s perspective once more.

At first, Persephone seems to be the selfish, cold-hearted person she was described at in The Goddess Test and this book. True to the saying “Every medal has two sides” though, you get to know Persephone’s side of the story and you can’t help to feel a little bit for her as well. And it turns out, she can be a nice older sister, when she comforts Kate during her lowest moments.

It wouldn’t be a romance novel, if Kate and Henry weren’t able to work things out. It takes some time and Kate almost leaving, yet at the end it is almost a happy ever after. Well, almost. If it weren’t for Calliope and Cronus. I don’t want to spoil the ending completely, for anyone still wanting to read the book. Safe to say after the last chapter, I could not wait to read part three of the series, The Goddess Inheritance. So the first time with this series, I did exactly that and left the short stories in The Goddess Legacy for later.

What did you think of Goddess Interrupted? Did you like Persephone? What did you think of the last chapter? Let me know in the comments.

Title: Goddess Interrupted/Die unsterbliche Braut
Author: Aimée Carter
Publisher: Harlequin Teen/HarperCollins
Publishing Date: 27-03-2012/15.11.2015


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