My Top 5 places in Malaysia

When I travelled through Malaysia, I visited many places. Some I liked, some I didn’t and some I loved. And with this post, I want to highlight those places I loved. I will link to each of the posts I wrote about those places and in this Top 5, I will tell you why I loved this place so much. That might be one moment or a special feeling that I associate with said place. So without further ado, here are my Top 5 places in Malaysia.

5. Kuala Lumpur

Petrona Twin Towers by night

I hold Kuala Lumpur dear to my heart for many reasons. One of them is that I met an old friend there, that I had not seen in over a year. We talked about Gott und die Welt, as we would say in German. It means talking about everything and anything. Even thinking about it makes me smile. Another reason why I loved KL so much is, that I felt right at home there.
Read more about Kuala Lumpur here.

4. Kuching

Cute mummy and her baby

One word. Wildlife. I love Kuching because of the wildlife in its surroundings. From orangutans and proboscis monkeys to the Bornean bearded pig and Macaques. It was the orangutans especially, that stole my heart and therefore, Kuching will always be a special place for me.
Read more about Kuching here.

3. Cameron Highlands

Workers working at the tea plantation

It was actually my jungle adventure that makes the Cameron Highlands part of this list. While hiking in the jungle, I got lost. And not just once. A couple of times actually. It was during that time that I found strength in me, that I did not know I had.
Read  more about Cameron Highlands here.

2. Malacca

Ruins of St. Paul’s Church

Malacca had an amazing atmosphere to it. In a way, I could feel the old Portuguese and Dutch settlers there. I could feel Malacca’s history. As a history buff it was a truly special place and I learned so much about colonialism, from the other point of view. Not the on from the European settler’s you usually learn about in school.
Read more about Malacca here.

1. Penang

Entry to Kek Lok Si temple complex

Penang has to get the top spot on this list, because there wasn’t just one moment, one feeling, one place. It was the entire island. There is really something special about Penang, whether it’s the National Park, the temples or simply walking through Georgetown. Penang conquered my heart.
Read more about Penang here.

What are your favourite places in Malaysia? Let me know in the comments or on Twtter (@sophiemarak).

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