The Life List by Lori Nelson Spielman | Review

Everyone has their feel good movies and feel good books. The Life List by Lori Nelson Spielman is one of my feel good books. I just can’t help smiling while being on this journey with Brett.

After Brett’s mother Elizabeth died, she falls into a dark hole. Her mother was her life, her best friend and her boss. Brett thinks she is going to inherit her mother’s cosmetic company, Elizabeth had other plans for her daughter, though. Joad and Jay, Brett’s older brothers each get their share of the inheritance and Joad’s wife Catherine gets the company Brett thought was hers.

For Brett to get her inheritance she has to fulfil all ten point left on the life list she wrote when she was 14 within a year.  Those points include have a baby and fall in love, as Elizabeth was not convinced that Brett’s boyfriend Andrew is the one for her. Which you soon find out he truly isn’t. It becomes clear that he only loves Brett for her standing in society and her money.

Brett’s quest of fulfilling her mother’s wishes is incredibly heartwarming. At first she only tries to get through each goal for her mother and to get the money. Soon she learns that her mother was right. That Brett wasn’t happy with her life and that these goals actually help Brett get the life she wants.

Helping Brett, as Elizabeth’s estate attorney, is Brad. They develop a close friendship and almost get together at one point. At first I was disappointed that those two didn’t manage to become a couple as they would have been perfect for each other. By the end of the book, I actually was glad. After all, Brett had found another man who was more suited for her and Brad was back together with his girlfriend, Jenna.

There is a man Brett meets through out the book, she calls him Burberry Man as he usually wears a Burberry coat. Spoiler-alert, this man turns out to be none other than Garrett Taylor, the counsellor she meets on her new job. And at the end those two get together and I couldn’t help but smile. Brett finally got the family she always wanted, Garrett, the love of her life and a sweet baby daughter, Austin. She adopted Austin, who was her favourite student’s daughter, after that student sadly died.

All in all, The Life List is a book about finding yourself and about never giving up on your dreams. I highly recommend it to everyone. Plus, the cover look incredible, both in the English and German version. What did you think of The Life List? Have you read it? Let me know in the comments.

Title: The Life List/Morgen kommt ein neuer Himmel
Author: Lori Nelson Spielman
Publisher: Arrow Books/S. Fischer Verlag
Publishing Date: 01-08-2013/24.03.2014


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