Kuala Lumpur

After my adventures in the Cameron Highlands, I travelled to Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur. I am a big-city-girl at heart, so naturally, I had the best time there. It also might have to do with meeting a friend there, who showed me around a bit. Okay, it was both. Kuala Lumpur is an amazing city.

One of my highlights in KL, as the locals say, were the Batu Caves. You can go there very easily from KL Sentral by KTM. There are three caves there. One is near the KTM station and is called Ramayana Cave. It costs RM5 (~€1 or ~$1,20) to enter and you can see amazing Hindu statues as well as stalagmites and stalactites. Then there is the main cave with the Hindu temple in there. Entry is free, you just have to cover your knees, so try to wear long trousers or a long skirt. There are Macaques everywhere around the caves. They live there and get fed by visitors, which is technically forbidden, but no one really cares. The downside of this feeding is, that there are hundreds of thousands of pigeons as well. Oh, how much I hate pigeons. The monkeys are very cute, though. If you follow me on Instagram (@sophiji94), you might have seen my monkey obsession (love, it is really just love) during my trip in August and September. There is a third cave there, Dark Cave, that you can tour with a guide. The tour costs RM35 (~€7,20 or ~$8,50). You are guided trough this dark cave with torches and actually help the preservation of the cave with your entry fee. Honestly, I loved visiting the cave and hearing all about it.

No visit to KL would be complete, without a walk through China Town. There are not many places you can actually walk around on the streets in KL, so for someone like me, who likes to see a city through walking, this is a rare opportunity. Seriously, though, China Town is really beautiful. There are many temples, mosques and markets around, so you can spend an awful lot of time there.


Then there is Masjid Negara or National Mosque. It is a beautiful building, that you can visit. Don’t worry about what you’re wearing, you get purple robes to wear before you enter.

Close to National Mosque is Perdana Botanical Gardens, where you can get lost in. The park is huge and offers so many things to do. A bird park, a botanical garden, a deer park and much more. Why don’t walk around a bit and get lost in its beauty.

Probably the most famous landmark in Kuala Lumpur are the Petrona Twin Towers. By night, they light up and by the fountains, there is light and sound show. Of course, I also went up to the bridge of the towers. It costs RM85 (~€17,50 or ~$20,70) to do that. Even though it rained, when I went up, it was worth it. And it certainly made for a unique look.

There is also a Hop-On-Hop-Off Tour in KL and I would really recommend taking it. I love these kind of tours as it gives you a general view of a city and the best places to go. Actually, I went on my last day, just to make sure I saw everything KL had to offer. Also, I took the earliest bus in the morning and at the National Palace, the bus stopped for ten minutes, so that you can take a proper picture of the palace without having to wait for the next bus. The Hop-On-Hop-Off Tour costs RM55 (~€11,30 or ~$13,40).

Coincidentally, when I was in KL, so was a One Piece exhibition. One Piece is a Japanese manga and one of my favourites. There is actually a funny story there. Whenever I have been to Asia so far, I have visited a One Piece exhibition. There was the OP Ten in Taipei in 2014, the Tokyo One Piece Tower in Tokyo in 2016 and now the exhibition in KL. The one in Tokyo I knew about the other two were actually totally by coincidence.

Me fan-girling over the exhibition poster.

All in all, I loved Kuala Lumpur. I know, there were many things, I did not see or visit, but I am sure, that I will come back one day. So, what do you think about KL? Have you been? What was your favourite part? Let me know in the comments.

7 thoughts on “Kuala Lumpur”

  1. I loved KL, I didn’t think I would say this as it was my first trip to Asia but I could have lived there, I felt very welcome. I loved your shots, in particular the night shot of the towers and the view from above the clouds!

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