Cool Ipoh

If you are ever in Malaysia, don’t leave without visiting Ipoh. Ipoh is Malaysia’s third-largest city and Perak’s state capital. And Ipoh is a really cool city. The city is diveded into old town and new town. The old town is quite small, but really charming and, as I said before, really cool.

All over the old town you can find street arts. Artists have painted the walls of the city and when you look up, you can see umbrellas and other decorations. The buildings around the old town are mainly Chinese mansions, so architecually speaking, it looks really nice. Including the historical landmark of Ipoh, the Birch Memorial Tower.

A highlight of Ipoh is Concubine Lane. The tiny lane is full of stalls selling everything and cute little shops. By day it is full of tourists. At night it is quieter as the stalls and shops have closed and only the restaurants remain open.

Concubine Lane

A visit in Ipoh could also not be complete without a quick stroll through Kong Heng Square Artisan Market. The market and shops surrounding it are cool and cute and the coffeshops  and food stalls nearby look very cosy.

A bit further away from the old town are some of the most amazing buddhist temples I have ever seen. Sam Poh Tong Temple, Nam Thean Tong Temple and Ling Sen Tong Temple have been integrated in the limestone caves. That makes the temples something very special.

Have you ever been to Ipoh before? Do you find it as cool as I do? Let me know in the comments.

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