Dear people, please don’t litter!

There is something I really need to talk about. I never had an urge to do that before but after seeing the monkeys at Pulau Beras Besah during my Langkawi trip changed that.

It is just heartbreaking seeing a monkey eat a plastic bag or an empty pack of crisps/chips. The worst part for me about all of that was that other tourists seemed to be amused by it rather than shocked. They threw their trash right at the monkeys and laughed as the monkeys would fight each other for the trash.

There is nothing amusing about that at all. It is actually very sad. And it certainly changed the way I see things. I was never one to throw my trash just on the street but if the wind would catch it and it was carried a bit away I was never really bothered to pick it up to be honest. I am really ashamed of that by now and promise to do better in the future.

So here is my plea for all of you out there. Please don’t litter! Take your trash with you or put it in garbage disposals. The alternative is far worse than that bit of inconvenience. We all already know how horrible all the plastic in our seas is. And I am sure some of that plastic came from the sea and was washed ashore.

It is not hard not to throw your trash on the ground or leave it behind and instead takeit with you or put it in a bin. So let’s all start with that! It’s easy and our great planet will be very greatful for it. Not just our planet, also all the creatures living on it. I vow to do better and I really hope you join me.

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