Dripstone cave: Lurgrotte Semriach, Austria

Summers in Austria can be really hot. Mostly it has about 30° Celsius or more provided it doesn’t rain of course. It can be cold too in summers, this summer so far has been hot. Give or take a few days. To cool down my mum and I decided to visit Lurgrotte. Lurgrotte is a dripstone cave in Styria, my home county.

The name comes from Lur, the steam running through the cave, and Grotte, the German word for grotto. I did not know that before today but there are actually two entrances to Lurgrotte. One in Peggau and one in Semriach. We went to the one in Semriach. This one happens to have the largest free-hanging stalactite in the world inside. And believe me, it’s huge. I’ll put pictures of the cave and the huge stalactite down at the bottom.

The entire grotto is breathtaking. The stalactites and stalagmites are stunning. At some points I felt like Harry Potter visiting Gringotts for the first time. Actually, that’s just how I pictured Gringotts with 50 or so metres between you and the cave ceiling. One of the highlights of the tour was a light and sound show in the biggest hall, the dome.

Another cool part, you can take your dog with you. We took ours and it was no problem at all. And it was great for her too, to get out of the heat. Just one thing, take you coats with you. It has about nine degree Celsius in there. So the perfect summer activity.

Have you ever been to a dripstone cave? I have only been to one in Italy before, the Grotto di Fasassi. Would you enjoy a trip in a grotto like this or would you feel claustrophobic with the sometimes low ceilings? Let me know in the comments. I would love to hear your stories and maybe some tips as to which dripstone caves to visit next.

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