Sightseeing: Belvedere

Recently, I was in Vienna, my home countries capital. I was visiting family but I also wanted to do a little bit of culture. So with my dad, uncle and the son of my cousin we decides to visit the Belvedere.

The Belvedere consists of two Baroque palaces, the Oberes Belvedere (Upper Belvedere) and the Unteres Belvedere (Lower Belvedere). Back in the day, when Austria was still a monarchy, the Belvedere was used as a summer residence. Later it was slowly transferred into a picture gallery beginning with Empress Maria Theresa. Nowadays, the Belvedere is a beautiful museum.

We decided to only visit the exhibitions in the Untere Belvedere. At the moment there a two exhibitions there. Maria Theresia und die Kunst (Maria Theresa and the Art) as well as Klimt und die Antike (Klimt and Antiquity). Both exhibition were really good. You can see the Klimt one until beginning of October and the Maria Theresa one until beginning of November.

Oberes Belvedere – backside – and garden

After strolling through both exhibitions as well as the State Departments, we went into the gorgeous gardens. The gardens were designed completely symmetrical which looks really cool. We took a walk through the gardens up the hill to the Oberes Belvedere. We did not go inside but sat in front of the stairs that overlooked the garden for some time. The view not just over the gardens and palace but also part of the city is breathtaking. As it was a perfectly sunny day, we sat there for a while just enjoying the sun and people watching.

Afterwards we went to the front of the Obere Belvedere which is even more stunning

Oberes Belvedere – front

Have you been to the Belvedere yet? What have been your experiences? Would you like to go? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to chat with you about it.

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